Intelligent Winegrowing

At Gladstone Vineyard, we are committed to growing our vines and producing our wine in a thoughtful and environmentally responsible manner. We like to call this "intelligent winegrowing". It means making smart, considered decisions about everything we do, with the interests of the land, the vines and the wine top of mind.

Our philosophy is that a healthy vine will produce healthy, quality grapes – and premium wine. To that end we put considerable effort into achieving soil and plant health. We practice biodynamic and organic principles.

Reducing Our Impact

As a wine grower and producer, exporter, café and accommodation provider, we are constantly challenged – and inspired – to lessen our impact on the environment. 

Some of the things we're doing include:

- freighting our wine overseas by sea using 80% recycled lightweight wine bottles (the lighter they are the less fuel used in freight)

- using recycled office paper and recyclable toners and printer consumables

reusing packaging (wine boxes, case dividers) as much as possible

- recycling glass, plastic, paper, tins and cardboard

- using environmentally-friendly cleaning products across the business

- separating our kitchen waste for composting or feeding to the pigs

- buying from local and environmentally-friendly suppliers where possible

- thanks to the design of our winery, using natural lighting as a source of daytime light in our winery

- making sustainable and environmental policy a topic at our weekly team meeting.

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